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Can You Find True Love On Tinder?


Tinder is the most popular dating app right now, and singles are trying to mingle and find different things, in today’s article we are going to answer the question, can you find true love on Tinder?. Obviously it’s possible to find true love anywhere but because Tinder is a dating app, the majority of users of this app are probably looking for love.

Although there is a good number of people who are on Tinder in search of no string attached hookups, and not to mention those who are just on the app to kill time when they are bored.

Tinder has earned the reputation of being a none serious dating app, there is even an account on Instagram that collects the most ridiculous pick-up lines used on Tinder. The page is @tindernightmares, you can follow them if you like, and be amazed as to just how human beings can act online.

I bet the things they say on Tinder they would never say face to face. Or maybe they would. To be honest, sometimes I read those posts and I am like OMG. Yes I am following the Tindernightmares mainly for research purposes lol 🙂 OK, fine, maybe I am following for some form of entertainment too lol

Some of their posts are sometimes funny, annoying and sometimes just outright rude, and disgusting check out the screenshots below.


And Now, Let’s See Can You Find True Love On Tinder?


You do have a possibility of finding love on Tinder, but you must, first of all, find people who are on Tinder for dating and finding love. Your task is not going to be an easy one because weeding out all the players and jokers, is going to be a challenge.

The next challenge is avoiding distractions, if you are really looking for love on Tinder. If you find someone that you think you could be interested in and they seem to be interested as well, then it’s time to stop swiping. The more people you look at, the further away you will get from finding love.

Besides, why are you wasting time on photos that have probably gone through countless filters and photoshop?

This Brings Me To Reasons Why You Will Not Find Love On Tinder.


OK, this is not just about Tinder, it also covers all dating sites and apps. The reason why people spend so much time on dating sites and dating apps and not find love, it’s because they just keep browsing, and drooling over photoshopped pictures. Dating sites can actually become addictive and they can prevent you from finding love online.

Because there are always new people signing up every day. you are always contacted by new people offering all kinds of possibilities. This means you will just keep talking to different people and you will not be able to build a true connection because you will not fully commit to getting to know one person.

Not Being Honest About Your True Intentions


If you are just looking for hookups on Tinder, then be honest about that, and if you are looking for a true long term committed relationship, be honest about that too. That way, you will not waste other Tinder user’s time. The problem with many online daters, they are not fully honest about what exactly it is that they are looking for.

Some pretend they are there to find love, when in reality they are just there to kill time and to flirt with total strangers. So if you are on Tinder in search of Love, then be straight forward, make it clear on your profile. And also stop wasting time on people who are not searching for the same thing you are searching for.

You need to position yourself in a way that you will be able to connect with serious people on Tinder or any other dating app or dating site you are on. Pay attention to the profile photo you post, and your bio. don’t post photos that scream desperate, because by doing that, you will just attract jokers and time wasters.

I am I saying that you should post boring photos? No, I am just saying that half-naked photos of yourself are not going to attract true love, a baseless hookup, maybe. You need to leave somethings to the imagination. Besides, if someone is interested to know you as a person rather than wanting to know and see your body, then you will know that they are serious.

As soon as someone asks you for naked pictures, block them and move on, unless of course, you are up for that kind of thing. To be honest with you I find it very childish to exchange naked pictures with strangers on the internet, it’s so shallow and superficial. So he/she sends you a naked picture of him/herself then what?

Rember, when you exchange naked pictures with strangers on the internet, you don’t know what they are going to do with your pictures. There are many websites that buy those kinds of photos and actually there are people on dating sites and dating apps, not looking for love or relationships.

They are there for business, they collect naked pictures and sell them. I am telling you these days people remaking money online in all kinds of ways. I was recently reading an article about a woman who is making money online selling pictures of her feet. So hey if someone is going to make money with your pictures, you should get a share don’t you think?


Yes, you most definitely can find true love on Tinder or any other dating site. Love is everywhere. I actually think I mentioned in one of my posts that I watched an interview with a couple who were very proud to announce that they met on Tinder.

They said they got married and had a Tinder baby lol, so yes it is possible to find love. Don’t give up, but I do understand how frustrating it can get sometimes but the trick is to keep trying.

To be honest, I don’t know how many times I felt like giving up on online dating, actually, I did give up a few times but I kept coming back and finally it worked out for me.

OK, I am done here, now it’s your turn to share your experience with Tinder, do you think it’s possible to find love on that app? I mean as I mentioned earlier Tinder is notorious for people who are just there to waste time. Please leave your comments below.

Thank you for your time.


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